Rioting Makes Sense for All the Wrong Reasons

The riots that have recently occurred in Baltimore, in Ferguson and across the country in recent decades are the not-unexpected acts of a people who have been taught, through years of subsidies, set-asides, handouts and preferential treatment that they do not have to earn anything nor be responsible for their own actions… that they can simply demand and receive. Or take.

The riots are fueled by a frustration of their own making; inherent in the message preached to them by those who profit from the discord. Race agitators tell young black men and women that they are unable to succeed through effort for one reason only– because they are black. Imagine being told that a trait over which they had no choice, have no responsibility and cannot change — their skin color — is why they cannot gain ground in this country.

It isn’t true, of course. A person of any color can succeed if they simply take responsibility for their own life and make an effort. Anyone who argues differently is just looking for an excuse for their own failure and, sadly, the failure of an entire culture.